Monday, November 1, 2010

On the 12th Day....

So this is a scene I have made for the Simply Betty Halloween Challenge. This is a young witch that is truly mad at her perfect (or so everyone always tells her) sister! She feels that she can not compare to her sister in anyones eyes and she is tired of it!!

She took her sister's picture and has smashed it numerous times. The glass shatters but it starts healing on its own as you can see in the picture frame (Tim Holtz die on acrylic). She has even ripped the picture to shreds and it healed itself also.

In this picture this is actually a piece of paper from her journal that blew up extremely big for no apparent reason.... Again maybe her perfect sister wanted her to not write about her. So this is how she reminds her sister not to do so!!!

As you can see, the expression her face is a simple smile. This is the very reason why she thinks her perfect sister has hexed her. She can only show a smile on her face at all times. When she is sad, really mad, and wanting to cry all she can do is give this smile. How does this work when she goes to a funeral.... She actually caused a scene once and ended up with a black eye. As her sister just smirked from around the corner!!

Not Simply Betty, EVIL BETTY!!!!!


  1. LOL! How fun and clever! I just got my little project in and wanted to stop by to see the other entries. Great job!


  2. Wonderful job on the witch's costume! I can tell you very familiar with sewing. ;D